I’m going to live together or get married

You’re about to live together or get married. That is a big step, also in terms of your financial situation. On the basis of our questionnaire you’ll find out which form of cohabitation and which type of mortgage suits you best.

Which form of cohabitation suits you?

If you’re going to live together, you can do that in different ways. In doing so, you can make it as official as you want. There are 4 cohabitation types you can choose from:

  1. Living together without a contract
  2. Living together with a cohabitation contract
  3. Registered partnership
  4. Marrying

Are you buying a new house or moving in together?

If you are going to buy a new house together, it is wise to calculate in advance what type of mortgage you can get together. You can easily do this yourself via our mortgage calculator.

Are you moving into your partner’s owner-occupied house or vice versa? Then you can choose to transfer the mortgage to both of your names. If you are married or this is mentioned in your cohabitation contract, you don’t have to arrange this separately.

Do you both have an owner-occupied house? Then you may be able to co-finance the surplus value or residual debt that you have left from the sale of one or both properties in your new mortgage. Or you can take one of the current mortgages with you, so that you may be eligible for the transitional arrangement.

Wil je graag persoonlijk advies?

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Hoera: Samenwonen!

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