I’m going to retire/am retired

Are you or are you about to retire, then you’ll want to know what this means for your mortgage. Do you have an owner-occupied house and are you going to retire? Or are you already retired and want to take out a new mortgage? Freek is happy to explain what you should pay attention to and helps you calculate your maximum mortgage.

Mortgage for seniors

You can also take out a mortgage after your retirement. A mortgage does not have a maximum age. However, a number of things change in your financial situation at a later age that have an effect on your mortgage.

What changes?

For many people their income drops from the moment they retire. Most lenders keep this in mind for 10 years before you retire, so from your 57th birthday. It can therefore happen that a 55-year-old is able to take out a higher mortgage than a 57-year-old with the same income.

You also have a lower tax rate when you reach the state pension age. That in itself is good, but it also means that your mortgage interest deduction is lower.

Continue to work after your retirement age

Are you continuing to work after your retirement age? Or are you planning to do this? Then it is good to know that unfortunately, lenders do not take this into account. Your extra income does not count when calculating your mortgage.


Nevertheless, there are plenty of options left in order to adjust your mortgage at an older age or to take out a new one. For example, the rules for mortgages taken out with the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) have been relaxed since 17 June 2018. Freek is happy to help you look at what’s possible in your personal situation.

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Hypotheek voor ouderen

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