Mortgage advice in the Netherlands

Do you want to buy a home in the Netherlands? If so, you surely want to know how much you can borrow and what you should be mindful of. We take care of all that, and in doing so, we go the extra mile. Freek gives the best mortgage advice for expats. We take care of your mortgage! Feel free to contact one of our offices (for example in Eindhoven or Utrecht).

Make an appointment for mortgage advice

Do you have questions about your mortgage? Freek is more than willing to help! Make an appointment at the nearest office! If you want, we can also call you back.

Why mortgage advice from Freek?

Your life is changing, the world is changing. Maybe you get a different salary, or does your family composition change? Or do you want to take out your first mortgage? Also changing legislation or mortgage interest can affect your mortgage. Freek is your mortgage advisor who ensures that your mortgage changes with your situation.

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